The Mudlarking Platform – Cooling Bank on the Bank


In the interstitial yards described by the wax and wane of land and water lies opportunity and tradition undiscovered and explored with infrequency.

It is the province of the Mudlark, that distinctly London character, the fundamental exponent of the City’s opportunism and inquisitiveness.

Swan Lane pier is gone, transport infrastructure of times past abandoned and removed to make way for new potential at this historic shoreline.

Mudlarking slides-3

Nearby, at Bank station, a more recent transport infrastructure that knits our city is being modernised and expanded.

In time-honoured fashion, the Mudlark Platform extracts a marginal benefit from these changes in our City.

Lying just below the water’s surface at high tide, the platform awaits the revolution of the firmament while dispelling the heat of the Underground.

Concealed when the tide is high, as time allows so the facility emerges, the Platform dried by the heat of the platforms, the sealed door opened to welcome the inquisitive and assist their passage to the undiscovered remnants of the City’s past.

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