A Satisfactory Conclusion


After 32.5 years, tma is no longer taking on new projects.

It’s been a great journey, doing fine work with good people, making a difference to our infrastructure, learning a huge amount, adding what we can to improve the lot of us all, and enjoying every moment of it.

Over the years we have had enviable opportunities to assist the perception and function of our public transport, while many of the emerging projects we have been supporting in recent times will come to fruition in the years that follow.

We have been privileged to work with clients and fellow designers that are true enthusiasts, that are not simply there to get a job done, but have lived and loved the challenges and opportunities that these projects afford.

We have learned a huge amount from these men and women, from their technical innovation, from their joy in the benefits their work brings, and from the context of mutual respect that is exhibited throughout the sector.

Perhaps most importantly, we have had the opportunity to introduce new men and women to a broad range of design skills, and we have been able to sprinkle exciting talent throughout the industry, with tma alumni in high positions and high demand across a range of transport design organisations.

And so, as we bring our current and emerging commitments to a satisfactory conclusion, we wish the industry all the best for the future.


Tony Meadows


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